Stipro Skrējiens 2017
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What? Betsafe Strong Race 2017

Where? Moto center “Zelta Zirgs”, Kegums district

When? 27-28th May 2017

“Betsafe Strong race” is one of the most popular nation’s sport events in country. It has been proven not only by increasing number of participants every year but also recent survey on most popular sports between residents. “Betsafe Strong race” was voted as 3rd most popular sporting event in Latvia.

Thanks to its uniqueness and patriotic meaning more and more people are ready to take on the challenge, beat dozens of artificial and natural obstacles, run through water and mud thus demonstrating the strength of unity and power of will, courage, energy, obstinacy.

The traditional Strong race distance is 9 km (Mass start). There is also 12 km Elite group start suitable for highly fit, professional athletes or those wanting to set exceptionally good results. Men and women can apply individually or as a team of 4.

Taking into account different fitness levels between our participants “Betsafe Strong race” introduces completely new distance – Scout’s run. Everyone who’s been doubting himself to take on “Betsafe Strong race” challenge is going to enjoy our new 5 km distance. Scout’s main intent is to experience the atmosphere, sense the community and mutual support from peers. In Scout’s run men and women are going to have common start which means that for the first time you can participate individually or together with someone. Officially it’s allowed to participate in Scout’s run starting with age 16. Comparing to other distances, Scout’s run is going to be much easier, with less obstacles and they are going to be less difficult ones also it will have less and more shallow waterholes.

This year “Betsafe Strong race” track configuration is going to be improved one again diversifying track even more for example in addition to new obstacles runners will have to complete different tasks at various parts of the track to continue the race. “Betsafe Strong race” track is built on top of MX track – swampy, sandy terrain with steep climbs and fast downhill slopes including various depth waterholes.

Considering that “Betsafe Strong race’17” is going to have seven separate starts the event is going to be held over two days. Two-day event concept has been chosen in order to provide better participant track service, reduce crowds at obstacles and make sure track is safe and in good technical condition.

“Betsafe Strong race’17” will last all weekend thus making it unprecedented active outdoor event in Latvia and “the Strong festival” is a must for strong people in mind and spirit. On Saturday and Sunday visitors and participants are welcome to take part in all kinds of additional festival activities. Everyone is welcome to spend the weekend at moto center “Zelta Zirgs”, bring your tent, grill and make the weekend a strong men feast.

Race against your own size. For the third time there will be “The Strong Race for kids”, an attractive race for kids aged 1 to 12 in specifically designed track with jumping, crawling and climbing elements. Participating in “The Strong Race for kids” will unite your family and let your little one to show his strength. Family can enjoy the weekend together playing popular games in our outdoor version and participate in creative workshops.

Each participant will be rewarded with special diploma and other surprise prizes.