5 May

The Strong Race for Kids


For the fourth consecutive year also kids are given a chance to prove their strength in the “Strong Race for Kids”, which will take place on 5 May at the recreation and sports complex “Zelta Zirgs”.

On 5 May, the obstacle running competition “Strong Race for Kids” will take place at the recreation and sports complex “Zelta Zirgs” from 10.00 to 17.00.

Register for the “Strong Race for Kids” HERE.

The “Strong Race for Kids” is an attractive running competition on a track specially designed for kids up to 11 years of age, which includes various interesting obstacles with climbing and crawling elements.

Participation in the “Strong Race for Kids” will give a chance for each child to feel satisfaction for completing the track and find out the limits of own abilities, overcoming various obstacles. Parents and grandparents will be welcomed to help the smallest ones, thus making it an activity that unites the family. It will be an interesting and exciting challenge. Positive emotions.

In this year, the “Strong Race for Kids” will take place in a special territory designed for kids. Two distances will be available – for older and younger participants. These distances will involve overcoming of various obstacles with climbing and crawling elements.  The main task – to reach the finish line successfully and enjoy the race.  Slightly more complicated, but also more exciting and interesting – just like the adult distance!

All participants of the “Strong Race for Kids” will be winners! All participants of this race will receive a certificate, military badge or dog tag and various prizes from sponsors.


Participation fee:

The Strong Race for Kids*
19.12.2017 – 31.12.2017 – 3 EUR
01.01. 2018 – 20.04.2018 – 5 EUR
21.04.2018 – 04.05.2018 – 7 EUR
Race day – 10 EUR
Dalības maksa pavadošajām personām*
19.12.2017 – 31.12.2017 – 3 EUR
01.01.2018 – 20.04.2018 – 3EUR
21.04.2018 – 04.05.2018 – 4 EUR
Pasākuma dienā – 5 EUR

*E-registration charge is applied to all participation fees!