Stipro Skrējiens 2017
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In “Betsafe Strong race” there are several starting groups. Everyone who wants to run has an opportunity to find the one that fits their own strength and desires the most.

NEW! SCOUT RACE. 5 kilometers long distance, which will feel comfortable to anyone who wants to try their hand at “Betsafe Strong race” and to feel the event atmosphere by participating. It is planned to have one start for both men and women, which is why for it will be possible to run individually or in pairs with someone for the first time. To participate officially in this race individual must have at least 16 years of age. The track is much simpler in comparison with others, there are fewer obstacles placed and their difficulty level is lower, as well as there will be only few but shallow water pits. It will not cause difficulties to anyone to finish five kilometers, but everyone will have an idea of what “Betsafe Strong race” is.

Those, who wish to gain positive emotions and are ready to face “Betsafe Strong race” challenges hand in hand along with several thousands of participants, demonstrating their inexhaustible boundaries of their abilities, can register to the 9 kilometers long distance of the TRADITIONAL STRONG RACE DISTANCE (Mass start). Women, men, and teams will be judged separately. The fight is more with oneself not competitors.

People with high physical fitness, professional athletes and all those to whom it is important to achieve a good result, are invited to try their strength at the ELITE GROUP. Women, men, and teams will be judged separately. There is a longer distance designed for an elite group runners, it will have more obstacles, and the winners will receive money prizes.

You can do it!